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Birthdate:Jul 13
About Larakailyn
I'm repatriated ex-pat back in the USA with my British husband after 5 years in the UK and working as an advertising assistant for a St. Louis grocery chain. I have a degree in journalism and a teaching certification and would like to be a published novelist. I'm working on several novels, all at various stages in the creative process - when I'm not getting attacked by various plot bunnies.

[info]red_sunset is my journal for the beta of my original science fiction novel. I also have a science fiction/fantasy novel about a threesome in the works too.

Nicknames: Lar, Lisky, Lis, Lala (usually prefaced by "Auntie"), Sweetie and Sam
Lara on LJ
My Friending Policy

I've gone Friends Only simply to protect the stuff I talk about from being seen by people I may not want to see it. Friend me, and I will usually friend you back (unless I find something offensive in your journal which is not often). Simply leave a comment introducing yourself. If I've friended you and haven't had time to leave a comment, it's because I've found we have a similar interest (or many) and I liked reading your journal.


Some of my posting is of an adult nature. Consider yourself warned. Also, all of my adult fic/content involve characters of the age of consent in the country they live in (this means 18 or older in the U.S. and 16 or older in the U.K.).

My Extended LJ family

My rl husband: [info]knightofosiris
My awesome RPG partner, fellow snarker, bunkermate and best friend: [info]deviantfantasy
My good friend & fandom/WoW partner-in-crime: [info]mindragon
My opi onion co-conspirator and good friend: [info]tnbella
My witchy little sis from another life: [info]leyenn

*loves you all*


Please see my tracking journal Larakailyn's RPGs at IJ for a list of my charries, games and other RPG-related notes.


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Any brushes used in the icons I've made are by [info]quebelly.

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